Bird Aviaries

We manufacture high quality wooden Bird Aviaries: the frames are made out of wood with a solid back panel and the sides and front are enclosed with welded mesh.

The client can decide which area(s) of the aviary has to be made up of wire panels and which area(s) must be solid wooden panels.

The standard aviaries are not manufactured with floors.

The aviary adds value to any garden and can be used for purposes other than keeping birds.

The sizes below are a few of our standard sizes but specific aviaries can be build to suit individual needs.

Dog Kennels

We manufacture good quality wooden Dog Kennels: each has its own wooden floor and a Nutec Fibre Cement or wooden roof which is painted terra-cotta.

The kennels are manufactured in different sizes but custom made kennels can be manufactured to suit the client's needs.

Click to open our Aviaries & Dog Kennels standard price list in PDF format