Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you understand all Terms and Conditions of sale and guarantee, prior to purchase:

All quotes are subject to the availability of goods or services.

All the plumbing (where applicable, has to be indicated in the quote) includes the taps, traps and all internal piping. All external piping can be quoted for by the plumber on site, and upon acceptance from the client be installed by the plumber. Cosy Cabins will not be held liable for the repair of paving, grass etc. which had to be lifted or dug up for plumbing pipes.

All electrical quotes (where applicable, has to be indicated in the quote) do not include cabling or connection to main distribution box, this can only be quoted on site by the electrician. Cosy Cabins will not be held liable for the repair of paving, grass etc. which had to be lifted or dug up to lay electrical cables.

Municipal Approval:
The SANS 10082 timber frame building code pricing and municipal standards will only apply to a quote when stipulated in the quote, and requested by the client. Any Municipal plans and permissions is the client's sole responsibility to obtain and submit for approval. Cosy Cabins will not be held liable for any costs or losses incurred by the failure of the client in obtaining the necessary permissions where needed.

Payment Terms:
Banking Details:
Account name: Cosy Cabins
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Silverton
Branch Code: 010545
Type of Account: Current Account number: 41-112-047-6

60% Deposit with order (serves as confirmation of order), 25% the day we start, 15% payable the day of completion payment must be effected while contractors are on site, 100% payable on order if D.I.Y. / If payment is made by credit card, the payment must be processed before delivery of the unit. A 5% Finance charge will be levied upon the use of a credit card.

Failure to affect any of the payment instructions without prior written arrangement with management, will be seen as a breach of contract, and will result in the immediate removal of the unit without refunding of any deposits paid. By signing this agreement and not adhering to these terms the client relinquishes all rights to the product and grants Cosy Cabins the right to enter his premises to remove the product as described in this quote.

Confirmation of an order will only be processed after the payment of the deposit, and confirmation of this has been submitted to Cosy Cabins.

The 10 year construction guarantee is subject to either the client having the Wendy, Cabin, Cottage or Timber frame house serviced through our company at an additional cost, or purchasing the treatment from us, on an annual basis. Proof of the purchase of either the Waxsol, or use of the service offered by the company must to be retained by the client, and is the client's responsibility, as the company can ask for this upon the lodging of a complaint. It is recommended that the first service be done 6 months after installation, there after service's have to be done at least on a yearly basis, the time frame for external wall treatments using waxsol may differ depending on location and prevailing climate conditions, it is important that the client keeps this mind and reapplies the waxsol more regularly if required.

The Site must be fairly level and the client must supply us with bricks where a stilted base is not applicable. If any additional equipment, such as jack hammers, generators etc. are required to dig the stilted base, or supply electrical or water needs on site this will be for the clients account.

Please note there are no locks or handles included on any doors.

Cosy Cabins will also not be held responsible, or liable for any damage to property during the erection of a unit on site; any and all work is done entirely at the owner's risk.

All huts have a ten year construction guarantee subject to terms and conditions as stated above. By signing this quotation you the client agree to all terms and conditions and accept this quote as the final agreement. If any changes are made by the client regarding any of the terms as stated above these must be done in writing, and agreed upon by both parties.

If an order is cancelled after deposits have been paid there will be a 20% penalty imposed on the amount of the order.